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March 20, 2017

Update 3/20/2017

Tongue blocking has gone pretty well. I do probably need to go back and relearn some kind of pucker technique. I am already doing something like that when I hit hole 1 and am not tongue switching.

My tremolo or vibrato, whatever you want to call it, is pretty good and I need to continue working on it…

It has been a while since I did one of these so let structure my practice.

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December 14, 2016

12/14/2016 Update

Tongue blocking is going well. Continued to play the major scale mostly on a A diatonic.

In addition, I used Band In A Box to create a background track of Pass it On.

So this week I have continued working on the following:

  • C Major Scale (BluesHarmoica.Com Stage 1)
  • Pass It On – Song
  • Walk With Me chorus 2 (BluesHarmonica.Com Stage 1)
  • Walk With Me Solo lesson (BluesHarmonic.Com Stage 1)
  • Played a little with Gindick’s Country Blues Book.

My long term goals are still to continue thorugh BluesHarmonica.Com as well as learn some songs on the side.

For the next week I hope to:

  • Record C Major Scale and complete for BluesHarmonica.Com Stage 1
  • Record Pass It On and publish up on my YouTube channel
  • Move on to Walk With Me Chorus 3
  • Continue Walk With Me solo lessons.
  • Continue playing with Gindock’s Country Blues Book.

30 minutes a day is the continual plan. began playing with the session steel.