August 18, 2017

My First Chords – A, E, and D

I am finding more and more that you can do a lot of Guitar Playing with just a few chords.

The first 3 chords I learned on the Guitar through Justin Sandercoe’s method were these there chords:


I later found out that these are the three major chords that one plays when they are playing in the key of A.

these are the I, IV, and the V

With these three chords alone I am able to play and sing along to a ton of hymns and gospel songs.

Sometimes you need a vim and maybe a iim…to those I move to playing in G…

But my first try is always go to A and play the A, E, and D shapes…

And then grab the capo to push it to different keys…

This is basic self accompaniment playing…

By no means will this make you a “great guitar player”…but these three chords will set you on the road to being a decent self accompanist…

I guess that’s the first step to wherever you want to go on the Guitar.


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