April 24, 2017

6 Months and Thinking about the Next 6 Months


Over the last 6 months, I have worked up to finishing level 2 of BLuesHarmonica.Com Level of Achiemvenet. Which means that I have been exposed to:

  • Tongue Block Single Notes
  • Single Note Playing
  • Tongue Slaps
  • Note Bends
  • Accompaniment playing
  • Self-Accompanied Playing
  • Playing Solo with a track

I think I probably practice in the neighborhood of 1-2 hours a day largely in downtimes. Every day I have in mind a technique to practice and a few songs that allow me to practice it…

For example, I would have Bends as my technique to work on for a week…and then would just play songs that required me to bend and just hit a bunch of bends…

Single Notes and slaps were other techniques that I did with this.

So made a lot of progress, still ain’t ready to play in public though…I am still thinking that when I finish LOA 3 I will be ready…Yes it is an arbitrary standard, but it at least means that someone has listened to my bends and have found them to be acceptable and that I can be considered an intermediate player…

Moving on to the next level…


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