Playing Around With Harmonicas

OK, I’m about five months into this learning Harmonica. I have tried a number of different harmonicas.

Here are the kinds of Harmonicas that I have used: Lee Oskar, Sydel Session Steel, Hohner Crossover, Hohner Special 20, and Hohner Golden Melody.

A few things that I have learned in my short foreay into learning Harmonica:

1) I really like smoothed off corners of the Session Steel and the Golden Melody in contrast to the sharp edges that you find on most other harmonicas.

2) The Crossover sounds louder and the sound seems better to me that just about any of the other ones.

3) Of all the harmonicas with corner and edges, the Crossover feels the most comfortable in my mouth.

4) The session Steel feels like it is bigger in my mouth (mouth seems wider with it in) than say the Golden Melody.

5) The Crossover is more comfortable in my mouth than in my hand.

So what do I like?

The golden melody feels the best in my hand. I like the crossover’s sound the best, and the Session Steel comb feels like it gives me a little more room between the holes to hit single notes.


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